3 Popular Cake Flavors Nigerians Love


Cake are moist when baked perfectly. At some events cakes are served as desert and it is served alongside ice-cream. There are variety of cake flavors as new flavors keep springing up. In this article, I have curated a list of the popular cake flavors Nigerians love.

Here are 3 popular cake flavors Nigerians love:

1. Vanilla

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Vanilla flavored cake is the most common cake flavor. At most gatherings and events, vanilla cakes are usually served. Most cupcakes come in vanilla flavor. Vanilla cakes also taste perfect when decorated with nice icing. It tastes absolutely delicious in the mouth.

2. Chocolate

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Chocolate cakes makes children happy. Most time bakers mix both chocolate flavored cake and vanilla flavored cake. Chocolate flavored cake when baked well is usually fluffy, moist and soft. A piece of chocolate flavored cake with the right amount of chocolate topping will make you drool.

3. Red velvet

Source: Betty Crocker

As the name implies this flavor of cake is red in color. There are basically no words to describe how red velvet cake tastes like. You have to eat it by yourself in order to explain how it tastes. Although red velvet cake is usually expensive but it is  totally worth it.


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