5 Ways The Nigerian Government Can Actually Help Suicidal People


Besides the existing facilities, arrest and a possible ban on Sniper, here are 5 other ways the Nigerian government can actually help suicidal people.

Since more people are killing themselves.

1.Build Special Facilities

Sending someone to Rehab is not the only way to reform them. And since suicide is not like drug abuse, suicidals need a special type of care.

Our government can create clinics with professionals who are qualified and adept at handling such patients. 

After all, we have Counselors and Psychologists in Nigeria who remain dormant. Why not put them to good use?

Also, this is necessary so that once someone has suicidal tendencies, they have a special place they can receive care and counseling.

2. Start Help Lines

It doesn’t cost much to start a helpline. 

The same way we have emergency numbers put in place to contact the Police, an Ambulance or the Fire service, they should also start a helpline for suicide.

Since suicidals may not always have someone who is readily available to talk to them, they can get someone like that by simply calling that number.

3.Improve The Standard Of Living

This our country isn’t exactly the best place in the world to live. Between the unstable economy, the dwindling number of opportunities and high rate of unemployment, there are so many things to be depressed about.

Depression triggers suicide. That man who can’t provide for his family begins to feel sad and before you know it he kills himself because he feels worthless and like he is not man enough.

It may be a long shot, but if the government can make basic things that add to someone’s ego boost and life, accessible, people can have a reason to live, because they feel important and like their lives have value.

4. Take To Social Media

Social media is where everybody is and it is a fast way to create awareness and spread information.

What the government can do (asides from replying to critical tweets about their rule) is find a good social media manager who can create pages and groups where people can freely talk about their feelings.

A group like that can be good for them because they have people who are ready to advise them. It’s all about creating a support system.

After all, if people can use Instagram polls to determine if their lives are worth living, by posing it as a question to a group of strangers who asked them to kill themselves. 

Then that same Instagram can be used by suicidals to weigh the worth of their lives and this time, the people will vote for them to live.

5. Follow Up On Patients

Sometimes these suicidal thoughts can reoccur in the Patient’s mind and they are not entirely out of the woods.

Those Rehabilitation centers can have a database of Patients so that it can be easy for them to track and follow up on their patients.

These qualified and ethical officials appointed by the government can check in on patients once in a while, to ensure that they are doing well.

To the government I say…

It doesn’t cost much to save a life. The government shouldn’t say, that it is not their business if the citizens want to kill themselves or not.

If the same government can make out time to put laws in place to arrest these people, then they can also use the same law to implement these 5 initiatives.

How else do you think the government can help suicidals? Tell us in the comment section.

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Be kind. If you know a suicidal person, call them today and say something positive to them.


  1. they wont do that,but they will busy doing some kind of stupid things that aint gonna help this country,,,,,,,,,,,,,,no gorvernment is ready to work for this country or any hopeless citizen,they aint serving this country we are the one serving them

  2. The above suggestions are good ,but it should not be left to government alone,let’s be our brother’s keepers and be asking after each other’s wellbeing, religious houses can also be of great help

  3. It pains me when we talk about government, is it not obvious that our government is not for the citizens so we don’t have government. They have not provide the basic amenities and you are talking about giving aid to sucidals. Please think about a reasonable way of helping the suicidals.

  4. yes, it doesn’t cost much to save a life. apart from the government, I feel that you and I should be our brothers keeper, take note of people who are depressed or always going alone, relate with them, try to make them feel important and if u can, try to meet their needs.

  5. If our government can fellow this advice is good it will reduce the rate of suicidal, because all that is causing this problems is depressions I pray that God should have Mercy on Nigeria’s in Jesus name Ameeee

  6. I think that help line thing will help better. And please for the sake if we here, let us try to check on our long term frds. Calling them to know how well they’re isn’t bad. God help us conquer depression.

  7. If government would this I feel the best way something can be done to avert is
    there should be social security money for both unemployed and retired people in the country. From study we have discovered that spate of the people committing suicide nowadays are jobless people and people who have been deprived of their pension by their respective managing companies.

  8. I.dont think Nigeria government can do all these things,,,,,my only advice is that everyone is responsible for his or her own happiness,,,,,, make yourself happy always and you won’t think of suicide

  9. Comment:the Nigerian gorvernment is not concerned about the lives of the citizens o so everyone is responsible for his life, only u can decide to live long or die Young so be happy no matter what

  10. The government as a matter of fact and urgency should take a serious look into the standard of living. Those that are working are not finding it easy let alone those who do not have anything to do. Govt should also create more enabling environment for businesses to thrive and create more employment opportunities. This will help to drastically reduce this rising case of suicide in the country

  11. Comment:of all these measures are taken my he government, fine but the sad news is that our government does not have time for that..so we just have to pray..this suicide thing is more of spiritual than physical..

  12. All the channels listed above are quite good and very innovative to help stop suicide acts, but the government won’t just put some things in place for the citizens to benefit, all they know how to do is to embezzle the public funds… May God help us all…

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