Reason why we are Apes in the sight of whitethe


*Reasons why we are “APES” in the sight of the whites*

Before entering the topic, we need to know some key points; which are:
(A) Ape (B) Characteristics of Ape

(A) _Ape_ :Theses are animals generally larger than monkeys and distinguished from them by having no tail.
* *Tail* :This is a long visible object at the posterior end of any thing possessing it.
Well; it seems man doesn’t has this type of tail. _Meanwhile_ Ape in another context means
*Ape*: An uncivilized person ?.

This is exactly the point the white is making.Which makes Nigerians to be used in similitude with APES ?


But we wear tight garments,bleach our skin,paint our faces, do crazy hairstyles e.t.c??‍♂

This is absolutely not civilization ??

(B) *Characteristics of Ape*

This point is rendered useless cos we’ve know where the problem ensue already.

*Civilization* from any angle comes from the West or Whites .

Civilization brought along with it *education* and *corruption*

*Education* is the _good_ side of civilization; while
*Corruption* is the _black_ side .

(i) Corruption has its agents which are:theft,money laundering,greed,self-centredness. e.t.c

(ii) Education: This is enough to be a weapon to a corrupt society.

The problem of which makes Nigeria not to be civilized is ” *GOVERNANCE* “. You will soon get to know how “GOVERNANCE” + “EDUCATION” take affect Nigeria.
You see, Nelson Mandela said and I quote “The world is full of people with natural leadership qualities. The traditional leaders, who led the independence struggle from the 17th Century,were such men. But time have changed and education has become a very powerful weapon in the struggle to produce a well developed person”. *This brought out the importance of education* Which simply means for every developed country *now* the educated ones are the ones behind it. also; looking into the point critically it means traditional leaders of then fought for independence.But still been colonized till now ” *Neo_colonism the last stage of Imperialism- by Kwame Nnkruma”* ??‍♂ Educated yet still being colonized, still being uncivilized,still being “APES”

For Nigerians to leave the square of being APES or UNCIVILIZED solution dey ? this was said by Mandela again, he said ” *a country can progress due to multi-party democracy* ”
As by 3 or more political parties are meant here. But the situation on ground with Nigeria is that some set of people want it in a manner that it will be there political party ALONE that will rule the whole country ??‍♂ that is why they rig election in every state. Well if they have been doing so well we might not have complained or yelled. They are incompetent,weak and lazy.

Youths have risen to this issue but they (in power) wants to create a form of dichotomy by the means of exclusion and others.

This is hereby a plea to responsive and responsible citizens who wants Nigeria and her inhabitants to leave the square of being apes and turn to civilized; backed by Mandela, he said “This is a watershed moment for us all (i.e youths). our decisions and actions will determine whether we use our pain,or grief and our outrage to move forward to what is only a lasting solution to our country -an elected government of the people, by the people and for the people; freedom everywhere ” This means we are apparently responsible for our future and that of this great nation.
A plea to Nigerian youth to support any vibrant youth with sparkling ideologies contesting for any position in Nigeria.

” *Nigeria is so blessed than to be poor* ”

This article is open to correction and criticism.


  1. Apes means an uncivilized person. I’ve not seen from this angle till now, I was thinking because we’re black and ape have almost all the attribute of human that is why they call us that but now I know better. Knowledge is power

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