#Sponsored launching!!! Paysnation media


Paysnation media launching today be a month the first to cash out

an opportunity to Make extra cash from home with your smartphone

.Newsalat eaning bundle been the organization hosting both Cashalart and Paysnation will be announcing the launch date of PAYSNATION,

as a registered member of Cashalart you may decide to run Paysnation alongside cashalart. 

PAYSNATION will be launching with interesting features which is merely about mobile games, instead of reading news and Commenting which is now everywhere,

Newsalat has now made this to be fun earning.

so it’s best time you be the first to to cash out from this platform

This is how it works

We have two membership level.

1. When someone pays N1200 for registration You get N600 as referral commission

When someone pays 1500 for registration you get N1200  as referral commission

⭕ Once registered you get N200 as welcome bonus

⭕ instead of reading and commenting on news you play mobile game and earn.. Games such as Temple Run ,Sudoku, candy crush, car race, motocross and many more 

⭕ We teach registered members how to run facebook paid advert and importation business for free

Note:  _only registered members_

⭕ We pay a user N1000  At the end of the week if we find out you made the best meaningful comment for the week

⭕  our vendors earn when they sell codes for us

*20 vendors needed*

⭕ weekly give away to members

⭕ You earn N200 if you are first to comment on our special post

⭕ *You play game and earn also*

⭕ At the end of the week we reward our most active users with cash.
And lots more

In paysnation referral is not compulsory 💯💯

While we pay non referral on Tuesdays

We pay those with referral on Thursday and Saturday

minimal payout is N1500

If you are interested join this facebook group

*Join us now*


  1. You are coming with no referral and get paid how true is it because this is the same thing cashalart did and now they are not paying us I don’t know how genuine thus one is oooo make cashalart pay me first

  2. This new platform called paysnation sound interesting and all the benefit that comes with it tempting but my problem is the promises made by cashalart are yet to be met and now this. I just want to see when i will be paid since no one is ready to register under me. I’ve not been able to refer.

  3. This is super powerful, the platform is really out to empower people. The most interesting aspect to me now is the free tutorials on Facebook book ads and import business for members. Spectacular!