VIRAL PHOTO: What Is Wrong With The Inscription On This Bus?


It reads,’ Centre For Eradicating Innovation And Establishing Sunnah’.

Can our muslim folks explain what this means?


  1. It means, the centre for establishment of Prophet saying and preventing things that are not authorise or allow wrong things from being introduced.
    However, there is nothing wrong in the write up which are well understood by the Muslims.

    • It’s a direct interpretation of the Arabic text but in contextual meaning it’s eradicating all innovation brought into Islamic religious activities that was not thought by the prophet either by action words or silent approval it isn’t talking about innovation to improve human livelihood but it’s strictly on religion. He the prophet SAW predicted the use of cars and online marketing so Islam does not see at anything bad but rather methods to which they are used should ensure fairness and transparency for all human race

  2. There is nothing wrong in this inscription, they are set of group who establish the practicing of Islam according to the way of Prophet Muhammad and also they are try to explain what Islam forbid. Because if anyone practice anything in Islamic religion different to the ways of Prophet of prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) God will not accept it from the person. And any innovations in religion will surely destroy that religion because people will start thinking what suit them and introduce it and this will mislead people to do the correct thing. For those who compare using car, living in luxury house and so on to condemn practicing of the sunnah, they are very wrong because Islam is not forbid that, only what Islam forbid is extravagance in it.
    “Prophet also said, anybody who introduce anything in this Islam which is out of Islam, it will be rejected (by God)”. Only Allah know best.

  3. Well, base on my little understanding there’s nothing wrong with it, because what they are saying is that they’re working against what is not practice of Muhammad and enforce what is Muhammad practice among Muslim humma

  4. Learn to pray for yourself and by yourself. If you’re seeing prayer as a fire extinguishing tool then you won’t grow in prayer but you must see prayer as a tool to be intune with God and build a relationship with Him.
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  5. I know of innovation but sunnah I don’t know. Innovation means inventing new things that is useful to the world. If you’re eradicating new things then you’re practically telling us not to grow.

  6. This write-up sounds like when one is planning evil undisclosed. I disagree with what some commentators said. There should be a clarity of purpose in whatever you are doing. God will help us.

  7. Muslims should explain better but whatever meaning it carries is almost the same with book haram, in which what they are using in fighting is an innovation from the book which they said is haram.

  8. It doesn’t matter which religion u are, either Muslim or Christian, finding the meaning of the inscription on that bus is not a bad idea, rather than saying I am not a Muslim. New things that are not part of Islam should not practiced, only things instructed by prophet Mohammed (SAW). That’s all. May God help us all.

  9. Ignorance truly is a disease. But I must confess, there are a lot of wise and thought people on this platform, kudos. As for the other ones who are just jumping into conclusion and using abusive words, the word “innovation” as used in that context does not mean technological advancement. If you don’t know the meaning of sunnah, you really can’t relate to that statement up there. And just for the records, there is nothing wrong in having “eradicating” and “establishing” in the same sentence. They are called antonyms and there is no rule in English language that says antonyms can’t be used together in a sentence